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MultiRacialVerse Podcast Episode #10 Dr. Jenn Noble - Psychologist | Educator | Champion for all marginalized communities

Dr. Jennifer Noble (@DrJennPsych online) is a licensed psychologist, parent coach and professor of psychology. She has a private practice in Los Angeles where she works with mixed race teens and their monoracial parents, BIPOC women of color (including mixed race) and other marginalized groups. Dr. Jenn is the creator of The Mixed Life Academy, an educational resource for parents of mixed race kids so they can learn how to affirm their child's existence as a mixed race person in the world and raise confident, secure mixed race kids.

Dr. Jenn's passion for identity and the mixed race experience are heavily influenced by her own lived experience and community advocacy as a mixed race, African American and Sri Lankan Tamil, Blasian woman.

You can find Dr. Jenn here:

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