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MultiRacialVerse Podcast Episode #11 Victor Rios: Actor, Director, & Founder of Film Locos

Victor Rios, a British-Bolivian actor, recent credits on roles in "Mallorca Files" Officer Nogueira and "4Stories: On The Edge Series 2 - BMW," as well as the award-winning short film "500" and "The Wedding Pact," honoured at the Indonesia Film Festival. A member of various esteemed theatrical organisations, Victor showcased his creative prowess in writing and directing "Don't Close The Door" at the Barons Court Theatre, and currently working on his one-man show “How British Are You” which is preparing for touring.

Bringing representation of British Latin Americans in film and television

Currently heading FilmLocos, a production company, Victor passionately advocates for diversity in filmmaking, especially within the British Latino community. With a commitment to inclusivity. Victor Rios continues to contribute significantly to the evolving narrative of diversity in the film industry.

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