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MultiRacialVerse Podcast Episode #13 Sophie Kanno - The Multiracial Wonder Woman |- Activist & Founder of MixedPresent

Find Sophie online here:

Instagram Persona: Asian_Soph

Instagram MixedPresent: mixedpresent

Links for MixedPresent: Links tree

Sophie Kanno (she/her), who often goes by Asian Soph or the Multiracial Wonder Woman, is the daughter of an immigrant and is a mixed-race Japanese, German, Scottish and Welsh activist, community creator, organizer, and speaker. Kanno is an expert in antiracism, allyship, mixed-race heritage and identity, and topics regarding API and BIPOC communities. She also operates her own full-service Digital Marketing Agency for small business owners, along with a mixed-race community space called Mixedpresent. In this community, she creates and uplifts content around being multiracial. She is an accomplished speaker and panelist and has appeared on several podcasts, including Some Kind of Brown, Militantly Mixed, Mixed By Gen Z, You Had Me At Ylw, and more. She has also led workshops and trainings for The Midwest Mixed Conference, Blended Future Project, MASC, and Loving Day. Kanno is also a member of the Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) Mixed Asian Caucus. She also has extensive experience serving on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion councils and committees for the major corporations she has worked for, along with being an Employee Resource Group member as well. Sophie-Claire specializes in recognizing the people who are not present in the room and vocalizes strategies and practices to further equity and inclusivity.

Connect with her to share the stories and the struggles of the mixed diaspora, and to aid in the fight against systemic injustice.

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