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MultiRacialVerse Podcast Episode #3 Coach Bren

Updated: Jan 5

Click here to listen to Episode #3 (Coming January 10th, 2024)

Find Coach Bren online here:

Bren Juarez, is a vibrant and empowered force making waves as a Certified Life Coach, Podcaster, devoted mom of two, and a dedicated Community Coordinator at the local school district. As a first and a ½ generation Latina, Bren understands the unique journey of Millennial Latinas without degrees, and she’s devoted to coaching them on developing the mindset required to embrace their inner strength and courage. Her own transformation from a trauma-filled L.A city girl to a self-aware small-town woman on a purposeful path has been a decade-long journey. Discover Bren’s inspiring content on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and her website. Tune in to her captivating podcast, “Toxica in Recovery.

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