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MultiRacialVerse Podcast Episode #4 Carlos & Polo - Co-founders of Mis Tacones


Welcome to Episode 4 of the Multiracialverse podcast! I'm your host, Antonio Fernandez. Today, we're delving into the extraordinary journey of the fabulous couple behind Mis Tacones, a one-of-a-kind vegan restaurant in Portland, co-founded by Carlos Reynoso and Polo Abram Bañuelos.

Carlos and Polo, two queer Chicanx pioneers, relocated from Los Angeles to Portland, seeking connection and community. Faced with the challenges of finding belonging as brown queer individuals, they decided to share their love for food, art, and nostalgia, giving birth to Mis Tacones.

Find them on Instagram here.

Inspired by the street food of L.A. and Baja California, Carlos and Polo serve tacos infused with self-expression. Imagine them in six-inch stilettos, creating both delicious food and empowering looks that define Mis Tacones.

Despite pandemic hurdles, Mis Tacones continued to unite people through pop-up ventures, from private dinners to sunny markets and glittering queer dance parties, aiming to create a welcoming space for everyone.

In this episode, Carlos shares his journey as an immigrant born on the border, shaping his profound love for food, while Polo reflects on their connection to the California Central Valley, where their family worked tending to the food that’s on most of our tables. They both also get vulnerable and share about how racism and having to hide their sexual identity negatively impacted their self-esteem while growing up.

Join me in this inspiring conversation and fall in love with Mis Amores, Carlos, and Polo, the creative, loving, and incredible minds behind Mis Tacones.

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