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MultiRacialVerse Podcast Episode #9 Weyhan "Moon" Smith, Founder of Evitan Couture "My Pride in my Culture was a Blessing and a Curse."



Evitan Couture started off as a dream for two Shinnecock brothers, Jason ‘Tek’ King and Weyhan “Moon” Smith. The name Evitan, which is ‘Native’ spelled backwards, was chosen to represent the tragedies and triumphs indigenous people endured in the past as well as present. Tek, the artistic visionary, created the logo to empower individuals to be proud of who they are while looking good in doing so.  In April of 2012, as more merchandise was due to be released, the Creator suddenly called Tek home. This caused a break in the production of Evitan Couture. 

Then in January of 2018 something happened. Moon, who was battling the disease of addiction had a spiritual experience and understood that his brother Tek was telling him to continue their dream. So, with the inspiration, motivation, and encouragement from Tek’s daughters Heaven and Jaycen, Moon created a sweat suit in the basement of a sober house where he was residing and posted the sweat suit on Facebook. This post revived Evitan Couture. As Moon continues to walk “The Red Road" of sobriety, his goal is to empower and inspire others to follow their dream, no matter what their circumstances may be. Along with keeping Tek’s and Moon’s dream alive, Moon has also created Evitan F.I.T. (Feeling In Tune) athletic apparel, promoting wellness and the importance feeling in tuned with oneself.  Tek’s youngest daughter, Jaycen, has also created her own Evitan Couture handmade tie dye line. Each piece of apparel is created with good thoughts and prayers and is smudged with sage so the person wearing has good vibes doing so. 

The Evitan Couture/F.I.T Family appreciates all of their customers for seeing them through the ups and downs and remain humbled by your support. Tabutne (thank you).

Wamme Neetompaog. All my Relations.

Instagram: @Evitan_KS Evitan Couture Weyhan Smith

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